BetBud Unlock Key 1.0

Source:3 Frat Row

Unlock the full potential of BetBud!

Unlock the full bet tracking features of BetBud!

This is a plug-in for the BetBud app whose purpose is to unlock special paid-for functions. Don't know what BetBud is? It is the most popular sport bet tracking app on the Android Market, please click the BetBud link below under "MORE BY 3 FRAT ROW" to get BetBud.

Once you install this app, open BetBud as you normally would and it will recognize that you have this app installed and will allow you to do the special functions. Do not uninstall this app after unlocking or BetBud will go back to thinking you didn't purchase it.

Right now the BetBud Unlock Key unlocks these functions:
-Risk amount tracking $$$.
-Parlay Entry.
-Hides advertisements.
-In-game bet tracking (1st/2nd half, Quarters, Periods, 1st 5 Innings, Last 4 Innings).
-Extended statistics.
-View Betting trends (from BetBud users).

Future functions **could** include:
-Obscure sports.
-Line tracking.
-Bet advising.

If you have any comments, suggestions or something isn't working as you would expect, please write the developer email, we are responsive and will work it for you, promise.

We greatly appreciate your business and will work hard to continue making BetBud the hottest sport app on the Market. If you like the functionality this unlocks, please remember to leave 5 stars and a great comment.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 10:33:43
File size:84KB
OS:Android 1.6 and up

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